“Shattered” Premieres at Mountainfilm

Ben Thomas here, Video Intern at the studio. This past weekend was Mountainfilm in Telluride, the second festival for our film Shattered. It was an incredible weekend. The range of films and stories and lectures went from inspiring and moving to funny to jaw-dropping and adrenaline pumping and back again. It is incredible to be […]

Good Morning, Vietnam.

On the streets of Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City.) Draper and I both found Ho Chi Minh city to be one of our favorite stops on the trip so far. From the moment our bus entered the city you could tell there was something different about the place. Over 5 million motor bikes weave […]

Fast Times in Bangkok, Thailand

Boxing in Bangkok! We had a great workshop here in Thailand. It’s been a whirlwind few days but we had a great time in the gym today shooting. Thank you to everyone who attended!   We had an amazing time in Bangkok. As a team we have the seminars running like a well oiled machine. […]

Kuala Lumpur!

Malaysia is proving to be a source of inspiration! Good food, great travel companions, and we’re finding our groove with our third country! Below are a bunch of photos from our time here and we’re looking forward to what comes our way next!    

Onward, to Jakarta

Today we held a workshop in Jakarta Indonesia. I must say I’ve never seen Photo enthusiasts so enthusiastic. Tyler received a rock star status greeting. A great crowd.   For now we are off to the airport to head to Malaysia. The tour continues…

It’s A Small World, After All.

If you see a classmate in the hall chances are you will not acknowledge them. If you see the same classmate outside of school by chance, you will likely nod or smile. Now if you see the same classmate halfway around the globe, well you just might spend the day with them.  That’s just what […]

Singapore. A Fine City.

The local joke here is that Singapore is a ‘fine’ city. With exorbitant fees for littering to gum chewing the city manages to keep it’s streets pristine and they truly are stunning. So far in this fine city we’ve navigated the subway in search of some photogenic spots to share with all of you. The subway […]

Old friends, and new.

  Met up with director Tong Beng, who shot a commercial featuring Tyler this past fall in Silverton, Colorado, for dinner the other night. We went to a place called PS cafe, nice combination of class and comfort. Chalkboard walls. Big open windows. Modern globe lights all contributed to what I assume is Singapore’s version […]